Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inaugural Address... はじめにポスト

Oh, the long harrowing journey I had to endure in order to be here typing to you today. Well, it wasn't really harrowing. It was more...mildly irritating, but relatively short. What am I referring to? Two things, actually. First, the making of this blog. I was excited at first. I thought it would be so simple! So, I dove right into customizing a page exactly to my liking, then carried on to account information to secure my identity. Oh, and then they asked for a blog name and a domain name? I wasn't ready for that! I sat here for nearly an hour trying to figure out what I would call it. I even tried Googling formulas for a good blog name, which I would have you know were not helpful at all. Pretty much, they just told me 'short' and 'not plain.' I was already aware of these things. Thanks... So, then I tried random word generators, which came up with some really strange and certainly random words I considered using. None of which were the ones I eventually decided on. By the time 'Cognitive' came to mind I was tired of trying to find something catchy... So, I was going to settle. And, I settled. Didn't see that coming, did you?
The second thing I was referring to is, in fact, my application process to study abroad in Japan. I've already been accepted by UTSA's study abroad program, but that doesn't promise I'll get to go. I still had to apply to the school I'm aiming for in Japan! Which, I am glad to say, is complete! I gave my entire application to the study abroad adviser to be sent off to Japan last week, and I am insanely excited. I have gotten so excited that I am deathly afraid something is going to go wrong and that my application either won't be sent on time or that it will get lost in the mail. After all of the trouble I went through trying to get transcripts, bothering Toma-sensei for three referrals in her already crazy busy schedule, filling out paperwork, finding the appropriate paperwork, asking advisers question after question... I am so anxious that it is hard to focus.

In other news... I have two friends named Lindsey (one is 'Lindsay') going through life-threatening times right now. One is actually on her way to Japan as I type! and with so little left-over cash that she isn't sure she'll be able to eat until she finally gets paid for the first time until December (I think). The other is still in the hospital trying to recover from a collapsed lung! So, whether you're religious or not - I implore you to keep them both in your hearts and prayers. :]
Lindsay actually has ChipIn set up on her blog for those willing to donate money so that she can eat! Even a dollar to buy a soda would help. So, if you might consider donating, take a look at her blog site.Click here.

Here I shall sign out and leave you with this clip from Tosh.0! Peace ^_~

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